A housing and service complex in Prague

The main idea that guided the architects was the desire to recreate the urban fabric with its feather-outbuilding character. The factory climate of pre-war Prague along with interwoven stone residential buildings was not without significance for the project. Part of the complex is the historic building of the former factory, where three factories coexisted before the war: the "Pigment" Printing Ink Factory, the "Napoli" Pasta Factory, and the Inż. A. Horkiewicz. " The facades of the newly designed buildings from Radzymińska Street will be diverse.

The use of brick on one of them will be a clear reference to the existing historic factory buildings and the soft-loft character will be additionally emphasized by the finish of corridors and staircases. On the other hand, the second, modern in form and fully glazed facade of the second building will refer to Prague residential tenements and at the same time recreate the frontal character of the street. Classic apartments will be located in this part of the investment.